November 27, 2006


Rob Clayton's portfolio class is doing a month long workshop at the press, I have the honor of running the class and it's turning out to be alot of fun. The Illustration students always find new and imaginative ways to use type and image together. Next term I am going to be teaching a workshop on image making at Archetype, this should be fun and hopefully yield a lot of great work. I've also finnished a 15 page image book that is being bound as I write this. The imagry is all 4 color seperation prints of my work, a new direction that I hope finds light at the top.Check out the Clayton Brothers website, I have a link in my links section. And then check out an online store that they run called Harner House atHarnerHouse— I will have my "Ames Laboratory" available here soon, but check out all of the other great artist's and their work for sale at this site, Christmas is around the corner.

November 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

My wife is past due with our first child, and Christmas is at our house this year. In attendance will be Chelsea, Myself, Eiko, and hopefully baby. My brother and his wife, David and Rebecca Brown, and Kelly Sanger. Happy Holidays to all. Looking forward to 2007.