July 26, 2007


I've been designing images for Rapt clothing. when the fall line comes out I will let you know. teaching, spending lots of time with baby judah, approaching new angles. untill next time-choose your battles.
RAPT — www.raptclothing.com
(image) self portrait from a retreat house in santa barbara, 2006

July 01, 2007

Skull Soldier

I've done the last two postings back to back nights. i think it's the color scheme that draws me in.

red lion

looking forward to the 4th this year, it will be judah's first. evrything is the first for him, it's amazing to think about. he has his own website, all thanks to Youshi Li, thanks Youshi. we try to document alot of his life because it does go so quickly, he just turned six months july 28th. teaching alot, got my first ever firing last week -long story- i recieved a letter from society of illustrators last week to pick my work up because it's been there since 2004, so frank if your reading this, i need you bad, or anyone else that i know living in NY, if you could pick this up for me i would be indebted to you. any way heres judah's site.judahdrenner.com