September 24, 2007


here's the link to Jack Flynn Gallery where the show will be that is mentioned in the posting below. this piece goes with that one as well.JFlynn Gallery

The Strangest Life I've Ever Known

here's the gallery site-
group show in november, i'm going to do all silkscreens - no painting this time. i want to be excited about the work i'm doing, and i think that these new pieces reflect that. all of these pieces are about creation and mythology - where we come from in the perspective of multiple cultures. see you there.

September 15, 2007

Gary Kelley

found these pictures i took of gary kelley when he came to art center. the poster advertising his talk mentioned a gouache demo, i couldn't believe it, and it was some kind of misunderstanding. the funny thing is he uses pastel, and then this lady got up and left when he announced the mistake.

student work

student work from saturday high at art center. I teach two classes, one in letterpress and another in printmaking.