May 13, 2008


tried camping at jalama beach but it was way too windy. taught a week-long letterpress class with a group of 9 students from flintridge prep. there are photos on facebook under my name. started riding my bike this week, trying to get exercise and save gas at the same time. art center starts this week too, I have my two day workshop at archetype press. the workshop is going to be shorter than it has been in the past so we will focus on type and less on illustration. celebrated mothers day with pancakes and friends. zachary rossman had a nice piece in the new york times today. i had a spot as well in the op-ed letters section.obama vs. clinton

May 08, 2008


back in school matt groller and i got together to play surf music. we added skot gillis and formed POSER. a band that was short lived but we had great fun and now some of our efforts are on myspace. i've also teamed up with kelly grace and we have placed items on under the name "eikomoon". we made dolls and we're working on other things that she likes to sew and i've put various prints and art work up too. eikomoon